A Better Strategy for Janitorial Companies

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A Better Strategy for Janitorial Companies

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The biggest, most costly problems encountered by janitorial service providers relate to poor work performance, employee turnover, and an overall lack of quality-care to customers.  Here’s why…

Many janitorial companies will only hire part-time employees instead of incurring the costs associated with hiring full-time staff members.  Furthermore, since “labor-costs” are the highest cost incurred, many cleaning companies pay as little as they can to be able to keep those costs as low as possible.

The strategy of having part-time people working for low-wages seems to make sense on the surface, but we believe this to be a short-sighted strategy that hurts everyone; the customer, the employees, and the company itself.

Everyone knows that the most valuable part of any company is the people it employs.  When a company employs a team of people who are passionate about their work, the results will be much better.  When a company compensates team members well for the hard work they perform each day, people will feel great about their relationship with the company.  When the leadership team at a company fosters a warm, supportive environment that rewards excellence and does not tolerate mediocrity, a winning team is inevitable.

When a company fields a winning team, customers receive outstanding work and great service and that relationship will be lasting.  At the same time, the janitorial company’s team members will thrive in a culture of excellence and will value their careers and the company they represent.  When customers win and team members win, the company wins.

At NightRider, we believe that it makes a lot more sense to hire full-time team members and pay them a wage commensurate with the demanding work and attention to detail that is expected rather than hiring a more transient workforce who must struggle to get by.  Furthermore, it actually reduces our costs when we have delighted customers and maintain longevity and excellence in our workforce.

We think this is the right way to run a business and we’re blessed to have such wonderful relationships with our customers and the most talented and loyal team we could ever hope for.

– Jon Denney & Jon Willette

NightRider Janitorial Services, LLC