Most Common Touchpoint Surfaces to Disinfect Regularly to Protect from COVID-19

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Most Common Touchpoint Surfaces to Disinfect Regularly to Protect from COVID-19

It’s common for customers to ask our team of cleaning technicians about which surfaces are most important to regularly disinfect to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In the janitorial industry, these are called “common area touchpoints.” Common area touchpoints are the surfaces that are touched (or could potentially be touched) by several people throughout the day, making them most vulnerable to spread the novel coronavirus.

The shortlist of the most common touchpoints is:

  • Light Switches
  • Door Handles
  • Phones
  • Computer Keyboards
  • Cleared Desk Surfaces
  • Chairs and Arm Rests
  • Tables
  • Appliances
  • Entryway Glass
  • Bathrooms (Full Clean / Disinfection)
  • Kitchens / Break Rooms
  • Cabinet Handles and Touch Points
  • Production Equipment Touch Points
  • Shared vehicles (interior and exterior door handles and the areas within them that are commonly touched by humans)

These surfaces should be disinfected regularly to control any future spread of COVID-19 with your home or business.

Most Effective Way to Disinfect Common Area Touchpoints

Disinfection cleansers such as Virex II 256 One-Step Disinfectant can be applied to common touchpoints by hand using microfiber cloths, or by using foggers, which emit a disinfectant mist.

It’s also common for many businesses and cleaning teams to apply the disinfectant both manually and with foggers for the best effect.

Ultraviolet radiation is also another effective way disinfection can be performed both commercially and residentially.

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