Mops Are Disgusting

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Mops Are Disgusting

NightRider logo

The NightRider Janitorial logo features a knight on a horse, carrying a mop instead of a sword.  The ironic part of that is that at NightRider, we don’t own a single mop!

We chose the mop as part of our logo because it signifies “cleaning.”  But in truth, mops are anything but clean!

According to the University of Maryland, “Mops should never be used for routine cleaning” because within just one week, a mop can grow bacteria populations in the millions!

Think about it… Mops don’t do an excellent job extracting; they merely water things down and spread it around.  Then, the mop is rinsed in bacteria-laden water, and spread some more!  To compound the problem, if soap is being used, the soap residue remains on the floor causing a haze that actually attracts and holds dirt and other substances.

The plain truth of the matter is, mops are disgusting!

At NightRider, we use a piece of equipment known as an “auto-scrubber” instead of mops.  Auto-scrubbers look like vacuum cleaners.  They put fresh water down, brush the floor, and extract the water leaving the floor clean and dry.  We have a variety of different size auto-scrubbers so that we can use the correct piece of equipment for every floor we clean.

One of our core values at NightRider is to pay “fanatical attention to details.”  We believe that in order to do this, we have to have the right people, using best-practices with the right supplies and equipment available.  We know you’re counting on us to not only make your business look clean, but to truly be clean!  For those reasons, we will never use a mop at your facility!

Yours truly,

Jon Denney & Jon Willette
Owners, NightRider Janitorial Services