Top 2 Reasons to Strip & Recoat Your Floors

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Top 2 Reasons to Strip & Recoat Your Floors

Reason 1 – You have floors that appear dirty, even after they’ve just been cleaned.

Over time, VCT flooring can have dirt-particles ground into the wax finish.  The dirt and debris become embedded into your floor.  Standard cleaning will never be able to fix it.

Reason 2 – Your floors have a dull, hazy look to them; they’ve lost their shine!

All wax-finish is not created equally!  It’s very important to use a high-quality finish that contains more solids to provide you the most durable shine available.  Furthermore, it is important to use multiple coats of finish.  The best floor-technicians know that 5 coats of high-quality finish generally provide the best results for shine and durability.

If you have floors that never appear clean, or if you’re tired of the dull, hazy look of your VCT flooring, please let us know and we’ll be happy to send over one of our experts to conduct an evaluation.  We’ll know if you need a full strip & recoat, a less-intense scrub & recoat, or just a good burnishing (high-speed buffing).  We’ll provide you a guaranteed, no-obligation quote along with our recommendations.

At NightRider, our floor teams work around the clock, 7-days per week so we can take care of your floors with minimum or no interruption to your daily operations!

Please call 518-782-9999 and ask to schedule a free on site-assessment.  Thank you for your consideration!