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Schools & Universities Cleaning Services

You know how important it is to keep learning environments clean and tidy. Having a safe and healthy school or university facility requires reliable cleaning services that can provide consistent and thorough results on a regular basis. Cleaning is not one-size-fits-all, though — there are specific considerations for educational facilities due to their unique needs.
There are several factors to consider when hiring professional cleaning services for schools or universities, such as understanding the frequency of service needed based on size & occupancy levels and properly selecting disinfectants used around sensitive areas like libraries or cafeterias.

Whether you’re looking for general janitorial maintenance or customized deep-cleaning solutions, read further to learn more about the advantages of working with NightRiders’ cleaning team to deliver immpeccable cleaning,

NightRider Educational Facility cleaning service areas include:

√  Main entrance and lobbies
√  Classrooms
√  Auditorium & gym
√  Library
√  Offices
√  Lavatories
√  Kitchen & break room
√  Upholstery
√  Desks
√  Lockers
√  Restooms
√  Hallways
√  Walls
√  Floors and carpets
√  Display windows

NightRider cleans public and private schools throughout the Capital Region!

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NightRider Educational Facility Cleaning Services

• Sweep and/or vacuum full floor area
• Lay out floor mats 
• Clean, disinfect and polish doorknobs, push bars, kick plates,  railings, seats, elevator doors, and other bright metal surfaces
• Damp mop all hard and resilient floors
• Clean both door glass 
• Clean and disinfect drinking fountains
• Empty waste baskets 
• Remove any clutter from common areas and hallways
• Dust the tops of lockers
• Spot clean walls and doors, and dust surfaces

NightRider Classroom Cleaning Services

• Empty waste baskets 
• Dust all horizontal surfaces including computers & printers 
• Clean wash basins
• Clean surfaces, including tables, floors, and door handles
• Dust mop bare floors and/or vacuum carpeted areas
• Report any security problems
• Clean and disinfect drinking fountains and water coolers 
• Remove materials in recycling containers 
• Thoroughly dust all surfaces
• Damp mop all hard floors
• Spot clean walls and remove spots, stains and smudges
• Dust exterior light fixtures

NightRider School Restroom Cleaning Services
• Sweep and wet mop or scrub floor with a cleanser-disinfectant
• Clean, disinfect and polish all surfaces of fixtures, including toilets, urinals, wash basins, commodes, etc. 
• Clean and polish all mirrors and glass 
• Spot clean doors, walls and partitions 
• Wipe clean all dispensers and replenish as necessary
• Empty trash cans and replace liners
• Damp mop all hard and resilient floors
• Empty, clean and disinfect all receptacles 
• Report items in need of repair

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