Managed Properties & Apartment Building Cleaning

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Managed Properties & Apartment Building Cleaning

Dirty, messy, and disorganized property can put off potential tenants and clients and negatively affect business.
A commercial and professional property management cleaning service, on the other hand, helps your business by keeping tenants happy. Not only will a clean and liveable environment improve the experience for your clients and residents, yet it will also guarantee that your property stays in great condition over the long haul, securing your business interests, investments, and the bottom line.

Managed properties require personalized cleaning and disinfecting methods over your average workspace. NightRider Janitorial Services will create a customized apartment complex cleaning services regime for your property that fits your specific requirements

NightRider Janitorial Services provides following services:

Exterior Walk Ways and & Entrance Cleaning
√  Perform a thorough review of the perimeter of the building and pick up debris
√  Sweep all exterior walkways and exterior steps
√  Wash all entrance windows and glass doors
√  Exterior power washing

Cleaning Common Areas
Common areas constitute a large portion of resident and guest interaction and these high-traffic areas can quickly become neglected and require costly repairs if not consistently and professionally maintained! NightRider Janitorial provides professional cleaning services for these important areas including:

√  Sweep/vacuum and mop all stairwells and halls
√  Wipe clean handrails and disinfect
√  Wipe clean and disinfect laundry rooms
√  Power sweep garage areas and entrances
√  Clean and disinfect elevator corridors, floors and doors
√  Vacuum any carpeting and spot treat stains

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