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Restaurant Cleaning Services

As a restaurant manager, it is essential to keep your establishment clean and presentable. Not only does this demonstrate to customers that you take pride in your business’s appearance, but there are also numerous health codes related to proper sanitation guidelines that must be followed.

Utilizing the services of the professional cleaning team at NightRider can provide you with peace of mind when it comes to keeping your restaurant pristine and compliant with all applicable regulations. Enlist our top-notch cleaning service for all your restaurant’s needs.

NightRiders commercial cleaning services for restaurants in the Capital District and surrounding areas are experienced in deep-cleaning techniques that are effective at eliminating bacteria while being gentle on the environment (no harsh chemicals or bleach). We’ll make sure that your kitchen is sanitary every day so you don’t have to worry about it!

Our services include:
√  All Equipment Cleaning
√  Clean Grease Traps
√  Clean Hood Filters
√  Clean Oven
√  Wash Behind the Hot Line
√  Empty & Clean Steam Table
√  Clean All Sinks & Faucets
√  Wash All Equipment
√  Clean Coffee Machine
√  Wash & Sanitize all surfaces
√  Clean Fridge & Freezers
√  Wash Dish Towels & Cleaning Rags
√  Sweep & Mop Floors
√  Wash All Floor Mats
√  Scrub Walls
√  Use Drain Cleaners on Floor Drains
√  Empty Coolers, Wash & Sanitize them
√  Empty and Sanitize Ice Machine
√  Wipe Down Storage Area
√  Empty Trash Bins

The Top Ten 
reasons to choose NightRider!

Listen to Jon Denney, President of NightRider Janitorial Services, talk about the Top Ten Reasons To Choose NightRider.

#1 Selective in who we hire
#2 Comprehensive training programs for cleaning technicians
#3 Regular inspections
#4 Depth
#5 Full service
#6 Incredibly responsive
#7 No contracts
#8 100% Quality guarantee!
#9 Fully Insured
#10 Veteran owned