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Veterinary Clinic Cleaning & Disinfection

Having a clean and disinfected veterinary clinic is essential to ensuring the safety and comfort of your clients, as well as their pets. Unsanitary conditions in any healthcare setting can result in the spread of hazardous diseases and lead to dangerous health outcomes for animals, employees, and visitors alike.

Here at NightRider, we understand the importance of implementing an effective daily cleaning schedule to maintain a safe environment, along with best practices for frequently-touched surfaces within your establishment such as counters, door handles, waiting areas etc.   Key areas and cleaning services NightRider provides include:

Veterinary Clinic Staff Area Cleaning

√  Wipe down and disinfect all surfaces
√  Sweep/Vacuum and mop floors
√  Clean and disinfect the sink
√  Vacuum and spot clean sofas and chairs

Veterinary Clinic Office Area Cleaning

√  Dust and tidy the tables and cabinets
√  Such equipment including computers, and printers, among several others must be dusted and tidied
√  Also, trashcan should be emptied and new liners replaced in the bins
√  Sweep and mop office floors
√  Vacuum any floor coverings
√  Wipe and disinfect key touch points
√  Remove cobwebs, dust ceiling fan and wipe down walls
√  Wash windows and doors
√  Disinfect doorknobs and light switches
√  Inspect office furniture, wipe down and disinfect

Veterinary Clinic Kitchen Cleaning

√  Wash all dirty utensils by placing them in the dishwasher
√  Wipe clean interior and exterior of kitchen cabinets
√  Appliances such as toasters, microwave oven, cookers, and refrigerator among others should be cleaned.
√  Clean the countertops and sink areas and wipe down the walls.
√  Remove cobwebs and dust
√  Inspect the contents of the refrigerator and dispose of items that are past their expiry date
√  Empty trashcans and place new liners
√  Sweep and mop floors

Veterinary Clinic Restroom Cleaning

√  Wipe and disinfect all touch points
√  Scrub and disinfect toilets
√  Clean and disinfect cabinets, countertops as well as sinks should be cleaned and disinfected too.
√  Urinals should be treated the same way as toilet seats. These should be scrubbed and disinfected.
√  Check and restock toilet supplies such as hand wash, toilet paper, and paper towels
√  Empty the trashcan and replace new liners
√  Clean, mop, and disinfected floors

Veterinary Clinic Exam Room Cleaning

√  Wipe down all surfaces as well as walls
√  Remove cobwebs and dust the ceiling fan
√  Freshen air
√  Clean floors, mop and disinfect
√  Clean and disinfect doors, handles, and other touch points
√  Wipe and disinfect countertops
√  Wipe and disinfect equipment such as pet scales
√  Wipe and disinfect all touchpointstouch points such as doorknobs and light switches

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