Fitness Facility Cleaning Services

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Fitness Facility and Gym Cleaning Services

A fitness center cleaning service keeps your facility looking clean and smelling fresh, creating an inviting experience for both new and existing members. NightRider cleaning technicians have all been trained to consistently and thoroughly clean your fitness center, allowing you to focus on day-to-day operations.

We go above and beyond your daily staff to get that deep clean to your facility that keeps longevity to your investments of fixtures and equipment. This increases the overall retention of your members as they work out in a clean and healthy environment.

You can count on NightRider Janitorial Services to create a healthy and safe environment for clients and staff with a customized cleaning plan developed just for you!

Fitness Facility Shower – Locker Room Cleaning

√  Clean sinks
√  Scrub and disinfect showers
√  Wipe down, disinfect and shine all faucets
√  Wipe down and disinfect all shower benches
√  Clean and disinfect all doors, lockers, and handles
√  Wipe and disinfect all light switches

Gym Equipment Cleaning

√  Wipe down and disinfect handles and high- impacted types of equipment
√  Mat wipe down
√  Mirror cleaning
√  Water/refreshment area cleaning

Pilates, Yoga Studio and Wooden Gym Floor Cleaning

√  Dust and clean the bottom of equipment on floor
√  Dust, Mop and clean any spots on the floor
√  Apply needed solutions to make it shine!
√  Dry floor

The Top Ten 
reasons to choose NightRider!

Listen to Jon Denney, President of NightRider Janitorial Services, talk about the Top Ten Reasons To Choose NightRider. 

#1 Selective in who we hire

#2 Comprehensive training programs for cleaning technicians

#3 Regular inspections

#4 Depth

#5 Full service

#6 Incredibly responsive

#7 No contracts

#8 100% Quality guarantee!

#9 Fully Insured

#10 Veteran owned