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Hospital – Medical Facility Cleaning Services

NightRider’s hospital cleaning-trained technicians understand how critical it is to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment of care for both patients and staff members. That’s why we take a thorough approach to deliver the highest standards of cleanliness every time we enter a healthcare facility. Our team includes experienced cleaners and janitors who will work diligently to ensure this objective gets met for your facility.

From medical healthcare offices to large hospitals, we have the proper tools and expertise to provide consistent results that address your specific needs. We have stood by the side of professionals through the COVID-19 pandemic, getting in to disinfect and getting institutions back up and running.

Our approach to cleanliness includes the use of proper equipment and techniques, which allows us to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We understand the importance of keeping your healthcare facility clean and operational: 

√  Sanitization & Disinfection
√  Infection Prevention
√  Waste Removal & Recycling
√  Floor Care & Commercial Carpet Cleaning
√  Window Cleaning
√  Dusting & Ceiling Cleaning
√  Emergency Cleanup

Hospital – Medical Facility Cleaning Maintenance

We understand that patient satisfaction is more critical than ever. Along with creating a clean, welcoming environment for each patient, our Patient-Centered Cleaning Maintenance Program is designed to help you exceed expectations. Using industry-leading processes and extensive, customized training, our cleaning procedures have been developed to help a wide range of healthcare facility needs.

The Top Ten
reasons to choose NightRider!

Listen to Jon Denney, President of NightRider Janitorial Services, talk about the Top Ten Reasons To Choose NightRider.

#1 Selective in who we hire
#2 Comprehensive training programs for cleaning technicians
#3 Regular inspections
#4 Depth
#5 Full service
#6 Incredibly responsive
#7 No contracts
#8 100% Quality guarantee!
#9 Fully Insured
#10 Veteran owned