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Public Office and Government Office Cleaning

Government office cleaning differs from retail businesses, hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing. While each segment has specialized needs, military contractors and government offices have a heightened need for confidentially, privacy, and security.

NightRider Janitorial Services provides secure building cleaning in the Capital Region. Our highly trained cleaning technicians team are insured, bonded, and undergoes rigorous screening.  We are also veteran-owned and operated!

NightRider’s government office cleaning services provide reliable and professional crews focused on secure office janitorial services throughout the Capital District area, with the flexibility you’re looking for. In your customized cleaning specifications, you can dictate the best times for your regular service. In the event your office building needs an emergency response cleanup team, our dispatchers are available 24 hours a day and typically can dispatch cleaning crews within 2 hours of your request.

Customized Cleaning for Government Facilities
To meet the specialized government, court and legislative cleaning needs our contracts are customized to ensure that all of their cleaning requirements are met.

Our services include:
√  Daily cleaning of offices
√  Cleaning and disinfecting conference rooms
√  Deep cleaning bathrooms including tile and grout cleaning
√  Hard surface floor cleaning
√  Interior and exterior window washing
√  Special event /conference room cleanup
√  Post construction cleanup
√  Emergency response cleanup

Air Quality, Employee Health, and General Cleanliness
One of the greatest sources of indoor pollution is the fume emitted by cleaning products. NightRider Janitorial Services is dedicated to providing excellentexcellence cleaning products and equipment that are environmentally friendly. Thorough and regular cleaning is essential to protect your employees and visitors from the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.
Often, secure buildings have little access to fresh outside air creating an environment that encourages the spread of communicable diseases and infections. With green cleaning products, we have the ability to thoroughly clean and disinfect common areas, offices, restrooms, kitchens, and other spaces without releasing harmful VOCs.

Deep Cleaning Services
Even with regular cleaning, most facilities benefit from a quarterly or semi-annual deep cleaning. Government buildings and facilities often have high rates of foot traffic and require daily cleaning to maintain a safe and healthy environment but that doesn’t get the direct deep down on carpets and crevices. 

Deep cleaning services can include:
√  Air vent cleaning
√  Window cleaning
√  Carpet cleaning
√  Grout and tile cleansing
√  Light fixture cleansing

The Top Ten 
reasons to choose NightRider!r

Listen to Jon Denney, President of NightRider Janitorial Services, talk about the Top Ten Reasons To Choose NightRider.

#1 Selective in who we hire
#2 Comprehensive training programs for cleaning technicians
#3 Regular inspections
#4 Depth
#5 Full service
#6 Incredibly responsive
#7 No contracts
#8 100% Quality guarantee!
#9 Fully Insured
#10 Veteran owned